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Moremac Property Group is committed to ensuring purchasers get access to their lots as soon as possible. However delays may occur due to unforeseen weather conditions or construction setbacks.We encourage buyers to check this website for updated information.

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The Moremac Edge

Monday, 15th October 2018

When it comes to reputation, it comes as no surprise why the Moremac Property Group continues to be the choice of so many buyers looking for their dream neighbourhood.

Depending on where you are in the new home journey you may or may not have established your list of key decision making criteria. Which home design to choose, how to define your project budget and where you should settle to raise your family, are some of the important considerations you will encounter.

According to research by leading property website realestate.com.au, over 85% (or the majority?) of new home buyers state that the developer behind a new community is critical in the selection of finding the perfect place to live. The same research defined important elements of a developer’s reputation, as nominated by buyers in the market, as expertise, experience and buyers recommendations.

So, when it comes to reputation, it comes as no surprise why the Moremac Property Group continues to be the choice of so many buyers looking for their dream neighbourhood. With over 50 years of property development experience, it is founders, Bryce Moore and Duncan McLellan and their team’s commitment to maintaining a hands on involvement in the planning and design of every new community, that continues to make the difference. The results are real communities designed around connectivity, inclusiveness and engagement, to enable exceptional lifestyles and opportunities to grow – it’s the Moremac Edge.

Additionally, focusing on the preservation and enhancement of the natural environs of every new community, to create destinations of beauty, has become a Moremac signature. Abundant parklands, facilities for active lifestyles, a genuine sense of belonging and house-proud streetscapes are just some of the attributes of every Moremac community.

With destinations in all the key growth areas across Melbourne, the Moremac edge continues to be the leading choice with vibrant communities that tick all the boxes for home buyers.

To find out more about your new Moremac community, get in contact with the friendly sales team via email on alira@rpmrealestate.com.au, call them on 0425 869 940, or drop in to the Land Sales office.

The Moremac Edge
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Is it time to upsize?

Monday, 15th October 2018

For some it’s about getting an extra bedroom, or more living space, while for others it’s to add a home office, or more outdoor area for active kids and entertaining, and there’s a few things to consider.

Whether you’re bursting at the seams with a growing family, have future baby plans, merging family generations or perhaps need space for lifestyle pursuits, the decision to upsize can have different objectives for home buyers. Whatever the plans, there are few aspects to consider.

Are your finances up to it?

The first step in the upsize decision process is to have your existing home appraised by a real estate agent with knowledge of your local area. This will provide you with information about your equity position (the difference between the market value of your home and the amount you owe the lender or bank, i.e. the payout you'd receive after paying off the mortgage liability). With this information you can meet with a financial adviser to establish what further finance is required to achieve your upsize plans, and whether it is feasible within your current income and commitments.

Understand the timeframes

Selling your current home first before buying your upsized home, or the other way around, can determine your new home journey. There’s no right or wrong answer, it really depends on the individual situation. When you purchase a block of land to build on, there is a scheduled title delivery date associated. This indicates when you will be able to start building and also when you will need to settle your balance of the purchase price. The time to title can be a great incentive to save and budget for your upcoming home build, an opportunity that isn’t available when buying established.

Staying in the neighbourhood

If you’ve found your upsize opportunity, whether that is an established home in a new area or a new building adventure, will you be able to keep the kids in the same schools or will you explore new options? It’s a good idea to understand all the impacts of your move, not just the financial implications.

Other costs to add

While the obvious cost involved with upsizing is the purchase of a new property, block of land or house and land package, there are some lesser considered expenses to consider too. A larger home can incur additional energy costs to heat and cool, while a bigger yard means more investment into garden and landscaping and ongoing maintenance.

To find out more about your upsize options at Alira, get in contact with the friendly sales team via email on alira@rpmrealestate.com.au, call them on 0425 869 940, or drop in to the Land Sales office.

Is it time to upsize?
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Landscaping of your home

Wednesday, 10th October 2018

As you stand before your dream house, you’re now eager and excited to head to the local nursery to pick out trees, shrubs and flowers to make the house a home. However, it’s important to carefully consider and plan the garden around your home. It will be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experience as you transform the exterior to compliment the environment and your new home in Berwick.

So, what will you need to consider?

The Alira at Berwick design guidelines

Don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the Alira at Berwick Design Guidelines and be sure to share them with your builder and landscaper. The guidelines are included within the Plan of Sub Division and contract of sale - all housing and landscaping will be required to adopt the criteria set out in the guidelines. These guidelines ensure a high quality of housing is delivered throughout the project and differentiate Alira from anything else available in Berwick.

A private paradise

Want to create your own private backyard oasis? By utilising a combination of trees and hedges you can create a unique and calming environment to enjoy on those lazy summer afternoons. You should always consider the mature growth of the trees and hedges you’re deciding on, to ensure they will suit your family’s lifestyle for years to come.

Adding a hint of colour

The inclusion of different colours and textures will help bring your garden to life. A mixture of colourful and textual plants can help create a serene feeling and can be an expression of who you are. A helpful hint is to consider using plants that flower at different times of the year.

Planting to suit the environment

Native plants are great options to consider when dreaming up your garden. They are adapted to the local environment and will require less water and maintenance – which is always a bonus! While being able to choose a range of native plants in a range of different textures and colours, your choice to include natives will also improve the habitat for native birds and bees.

Planning beyond the plants

Your outdoor space is also more than just the garden. It needs to be a space for entertaining, relaxation, and overall enjoyment for you and your family. Think about entry points, driveaway and space for entertaining. What type of paving will you use – is it slippery in the wet? Do you include a mixture of pavers for added textual interest and stepping stones for access to gates and storage spaces? And do you build a deck to create a distinction between an entertaining space and the garden?

Landscaping plans

It is likely when building your dream home that City of Casey Council will require a landscaping plan for approval. The type of landscaping plan required depends on the nature and scale of your proposed home.

Landscaping of your home
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A Family-Friendly Neighbourhood

Thursday, 13th September 2018

Looking for a new neighbourhood? Try this check list to get you on the way to finding that perfect family-friendly neighbourhood to match your needs.

When you break it down, the new home journey really is a series of big moments and new experiences, with a few thousand decisions to make along the way. One of the important decisions to make from the beginning is where you want to be, to see your family grow, make lifelong friends and feel that sought-after sense of belonging. But, for those on the search around the Berwick and Narre Warren areas, where is the best place to start?

Try this check list to get you on the way to finding that perfect family-friendly neighbourhood to match your needs.

1. Walk in the Park

While most new communities will promote their planned abundance of open space and parkland, it’s worthwhile reviewing the scope of amenity in regard to offering something for all ages. Whether it be toddler play areas with soft fall surfaces and intuitive spaces to explore, or skate zones and ball courts for the older kids, BBQ and picnic areas, walking paths and bike routes, a good mix of activities is important. Equally worth reviewing is the distance to ‘green space’ from each allotment, it’s much more appealing to be able to walk to the park instead of driving.

2. Getting Around

Transport systems and routes are not added later but rather incorporated into the design of the estate. While your new community may have plans for specific bus routes and transport to established rail networks, it’s important to understand when this will become a reality, particularly if you rely on these services for work and school travel. Additionally, being close to key points for access to the CBD and airport are important factors.

3. School Zones

It’s a given to check out educational centers both within your new community and surrounding areas, even if your family is just beginning. Some schools will offer enrolments based on a prescribed zone, which means it’s worth researching what new schooling options are planned for the future and what you will have access to.

4. Everything You Need

While we don’t mind jumping in the car for those more involved shopping trips, when it comes to the groceries, popping into the bank and picking up scripts at the pharmacy, it’s nice to have everything you need within easy access. And, don’t forget to check out the closest coffee spots and dining out options. Whether it’s Berwick restaurants, the Narre Warren library or the closest Nando’s, checking out what’s in your new neighbourhood can help make the important decision!

5. A Community That Plays Together

More than words in a brochure, community engagement really is an important consideration. It’s the glue that makes new areas tick, can reduce crime and vandalism and is a great way to make new connections and friends. It’s worth checking out what activities are planned for residents, such as Auskick, exercise groups, mums and toddlers meet-ups and Men’s Sheds, all great opportunities to get involved with locals.

6. When it Feels Right

At the end of the day, you will most likely have a pretty good idea of your perfect community from the moment you step foot in the area. Our first impressions do count for a lot, and you can’t beat getting a first-hand feel for the real community - take some time to explore the area, play in the parks, and meet the locals.

To find out more about everything the Alira community has to offer, get in contact with the friendly sales team via email on alira@rpmrealestate.com.au, call them on 0425 869 940, or drop in to the Land Sales office located at 322-340 Centre Road, Berwick.

A Family-Friendly Neighbourhood
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Exploring your future community

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

Real estate in Berwick is highly sought out and the suburb has seen rapid growth. It’s the high quality of community facilities available at your fingertips that makes Berwick so popular. From wide open local parks, community markets and shopping, through to the schools and local attractions, there’s no question why Berwick is so popular.

With so much to offer in Melbourne’s south-east, the best way to get to know the growing community of Berwick is to visit and experience it firsthand.

So, what are some of the highlights to check out in Berwick?

  • •Explore Berwick’s parklands – With massive wide-open parks scattered around Berwick, there is no shortage of space for your family and friends to enjoy. One of the best parks is the Wilsons Botanic Park, which attracts visitors far and wide for its picturesque scenery, abundance of native animals, and intricate walkways on the edge of Basalt Lake.

  • •Travel back in time at the Old Cheese Factory – The historic Old Cheese Factory, featuring the 1860s Springfield Homestead, Cheese Factory and Kitchen Wash House, is a reminder of Australia’s early history. Berwick’s history is well preserved and the Old Cheese Factory has something for everyone, from art and crafts programs, to farmers’ markets, to performing arts activities.

  • •Eat some delicious food at the markets – Berwick has a range of community markets where you can pick up quality fresh produce, quirky gifts and delicious sweet treats. With a range of markets including Berwick Country Craft Market, Akoonah Park Market and Berwick Farmers Market there is no shortage of markets for you to explore.

  • •Shop till you drop – Shop to your heart’s desire at Westfield Fountain Gate packed full of department stores for all your fashion and homeware needs. Alternatively, if you just need to pop to the bank, top up the pantry, or want some freshly baked bread you can head to Eden Village.

  • •Want to keep active? – With a core focus on health and wellbeing Berwick has plenty of places to get your health fix. With more than 230kms of shared pedestrian and cycle paths, along with the Casey Aquatic and Recreation Centre and Berwick Tennis Club, Berwick has everything you’ll need to maintain an active lifestyle.

Exploring your future community
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Optical Fibre now ready at Alira

Tuesday, 17th April 2018

Alira will be fibre ready when you move in, and OptiComm’s service provides residents access to premium, super-fast broadband internet, as well as foxtel and related optical fibre services.

Benefits of super-fast broadband internet:

  • Download full length feature movies and music in minutes
  • Play the latest online games
  • Use multiple high bandwidth applications at the same time without slowdown
  • Watch all free-to-air television channels (no antenna required)
  • Install IPTV, Fetch TV and foxtel
  • Wifi in public-open spaces
  • Access to digital radio

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Optical Fibre now ready at Alira
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Successful Laguna Precinct Release

Monday, 18th December 2017

Since launching its Laguna precinct in November 2017, land releases at Alira at Berwick have proven exceedingly popular, with all available lots selling out within days of their release.

Currently, there are a limited number of lots still available - ranging in size from 315sqm to 505sqm - in the last release so potential buyers will need to move fast.

Nestled in the heart of the project, the Laguna precinct offers future residents the perfect location. Situated a stone’s throw away from a network of impressive waterways, the local football field and the future retail centre – it’s not surprising these lots were snapped up so quickly.

With another Laguna Release scheduled for January 2018, prospective buyers are encouraged to register their interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Successful Laguna Precinct Release
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Herald Sun - Alira Last Piece of Gold

Saturday, 5th March 2016

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Herald Sun - Alira Last Piece of Gold
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