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It was great to see more than 60 residents mingle and meet their new neighbours on Shanks Drive while the Berwick Springs Cricket Club hosted a sizzling BBQ. Residents enjoyed a sausage and an ice cream, while children got their face painted.

The community BBQ provided an opportunity for residents to ask questions about Alira and the next phase for the project. The top three questions asked by residents were:

What’s next for Alira?

Construction will focus on delivering the next area of residential land which is Stage 4C. Major earthworks are well underway for this stage and construction is expected to be completed in May 2019. Works are also anticipated to commence in the New Year on the project’s first wetland.

Homestead Road will extend West providing access to Stage 5 and is expected to be complete the same time as Stage 4C. Preliminary works on the Greaves Road and Berwick Springs Promenade roundabout will also commence in the coming weeks, with construction to begin in the New Year.

What is happening with the town centre?

The developer of the town centre is expecting to commence earthworks in February 2019 and we understand that building construction is expected to commence late 2019.

What was the outcome of the questionnaire for the Alira park?

Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire for the Alira park situated in Stage 3. We are pleased to announce that concept plans for the Alira park are almost complete. The park will host a playground, BBQ shelter, basketball half-court and will be beautifully landscaped for outdoor activities.

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